2017 was a GREAT year for Arlo, she got her first two Agility titiles, two legs of her third, her CGC almost her WAE except for mom screwed her up across the xpen part unfortunately the only part she did not do perfectly!  We also took a clinic in barn hunt are are starting classes soon..

Arlo is off to a good start in 2018, she has new title and doing great with her barn hunt class.  Looking forward to what the year brings.






5 pt Major Win

5 pt Major Win

AKC CH/UKC BPIS Melrae's Ulterior Motive NA CGC

11/13/14 - WB for 2pts - Judge Robert Hartinger
11/23/14 - WB/BOW for 5pt major- Judge Bill Shelton

4/05/15 - WB for 3 pt Major -  Judge MS. Mary Anne Brocious
10/25/15 - Arlo finishes with limited showing


Owned by Melrae Dobermans

vWD Clear
DCM 1 - Positive Heterozygous

DCM 2 - Postive Heterozgous
THYROID - Normal 4/20
Liver/Kidney Panel - Normal 4/20
ECHO - Normal 7/19

EKG - Normal 4/20
Holter - Normal 7/19
DINGS - Negative 
Elbows - Normal
Hips - Good

**Arlo goes BPIS on 9/8/13 at the UKC Show in Kalamazoo, MI***

Ch Cambria's Out For Justice

CH Cambria's Cactus Cash

Ch Rahdy's Sail the Seven Seas

Am Ch Brunswig's Cryptonite

Ch Rahdy's Sable v Deserae LC-11D

Ch Cambria's Nocona v Texas UD LC-11D

Ch Ravenswood Cairo v Aquarius LC-13D

CH Florowill Bit of Magic LC-10D

Ch Cambria's Barrettina

CH Cambria's Secret Desire BFL-1

CH Cambria's Cavalleria LC-10D

Ch Orion's Rasberry Beret

CH Cambria's Cactus Cash

Ch Orion's Ultimate Dimension

Am Ch Telstar's Icon

Am Ch Cha-Rish the Rain Dancer

Am Ch Cha-Rish Dusenberg

Am Ch Blu-J's Wind Beneath My Wings

Am Ch Marienburg's Repo Man

Am Ch Aquarius Princess Of Wales