Melrae's Little Fighter

Sadly we lost our precious Little Louis Lohan on 5/14/2020 after her fight to survive with PRAA.  Persistent Right Aortic Arch is known as a vascular ring anomaly/vascular compression of the esophagus.  The results of an abnormal rerouting of the blood vessel that wraps around the esophagus causing a stricter that does not allow food to pass to the stomach.  Typically this issue is not noticed until weaning.  Louise's mother when she was 5 wks had obstruction surgery and she was no longer able to nurse which made keeping food down her extremely difficult.  She was doing great for the first week and as we learned more what was wrong with her and waiting for the diagnosis from a GI panel she declined rapidly in her last two days of life with us there is a surgery to repair but because she was so small and due to Covid issues around the state if was just too difficult to try to keep up her fight.


I have learned alot about PRAA in the last couple weeks and it doesn't have to be a death sentence and their are some great resource groups available. 

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