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Melrae Dobermans was found in 2010 with the purchase of SOOKIE - CH ShoMe's Queen of Diamonds.  I purchased her as my 1st show doberman, new to showing but not dobermans I wanted a doberman that I would be able to handle myself.  I waited for a male from Aquarius dobermans and that didnt pan out, waiting again for another breeding that didn't take then Jim Briley put me in contact with Tami Lane of ShoMe Dobermans.  I talked with Tami chatted about my big dreams of showing and she took a gamble on a newbie with me and sold me her pick bitch she was planning of keeping.  That began the journey we are on now with Melrae Dobermans and the beginning of a wonderful friendship, combined with a mentor and co-breeder I have in Tami Lane. 

Melrae Dobermans continues this journey now with 1 AKC Grand Champion, 4 AKC Champions, 2 CKC Champions, 4 UKC Champions and more to come.

I have been very lucky as a breeder to get such wonderful puppy owners!!

 Very excited for our future here...

DPCA Member since 2010
DPC of Detroit Member since 2010
Holland Kennel Club Member since 2011